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Thought Collective expands

23 Nov 2015, 1354hrs

Rather aptly, Thought Collective will begin January 2016 in a fresh new studio space, designed by Hall McKnight architects.

TC upstairs

Eleven years ago, we commissioned architect Alastair Hall to design our current studio which went on to receive an RSUA award and RIBA nomination.

Since that time it has been the scene of many inspired collaborations between our clients and creative team including repackaging Farmview Milk, campaigns for Nitec Solutions and PWC, identities for Postal Net and Tibus, and many beautiful websites such as those for Avalon Guitars, Rachel Khoo, Exosphere, Irwin’s Bakery and Johnson’s Coffee.

Hall McKnight has expanded our existing much loved studio deeper into the first floor of the Portview Trade Centre to create a suite of shared rooms, break out spaces and meeting points. This enables our team to choose between quiet, focused work places and open plan areas to further enhance the collaborative process that has become a Thought Collective hallmark.

TC upstairs

The build began in earnest in mid October with works on schedule for completion by the end of the year. Keep an eye out for future blog posts showing the finished studio, and an invitation to the opening party.

As well as expanding the studio, we are also growing our team. We are currently looking for highly talented designers and developers. We are also interested to hear from experienced Account Handlers and Business Development Executives with a track record in branding and digital work. Check out the jobs page for more information.

Stepping Out

04 Aug 2011, 1409hrs


After a year’s internship, Janine left last week; she’s off back to Uni for her final year. And then, who knows where? Things aren’t the same round here now. There’s a distinct lack of orange hair for one thing. Still, Al designed a pair of custom Converse for her as a parting gift.

Janine, if you’re reading this: Good luck for the next year and beyond. And if you’re not reading this: Why not?!

Converse Converse

Converse Converse

Event Horizon

03 Jun 2011, 1043hrs

Image of posters

If you don't know, New Horizon is a Christian event that happens over here every year. We're taking care of all the graphics this time. First off is the fringe event material.

Image of posters Image of posters

Image of tickets Image of tickets

Best Book

12 Mar 2011, 2100hrs


Al’s in Salzburg. Or is it Strasbourg? No, definitely Salzburg. Fourth largest city in Austria. Birth place of Haydn, Mozza and Maria von Trapp (and therefore the setting for The Sound of Music). But all that pales into insignificance for us because he’s there to pick up our Antalis McNaughton Review Award. We’re pretty pleased to get Best Book for the controversial HysterecticSonya Whitefield‘s moving, often disturbing, photographic account of her hospital experience.

It’s a challenging book and we feel, a worthy winner. You can see more of the book and buy a copy here.

A Card Less Ordinary

21 Jan 2011, 1230hrs

You'll have to excuse our indulgence here; to say we're delighted with our letterpress printed business cards is the proverbial understatement; they wallow in print craft. Glasgow Press have built up a reputation for exemplary letterpress printing; although compatible with standard business card size we decided to bring ours in line with industry-standard paper sizes, so they're A8; they're printed on GF Smith's Duplex Colorplan board (that's two layers of board, in our case Bright White and Ebony); and on the reverse side we have a super-subtle matt black foil motif.

The result: business cards that are anything but ordinary.

Note to self…

19 Jan 2011, 1050hrs


Ace Jet Onboard

03 Jan 2011, 1200hrs



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